About Us

What We Do

Indivisible Vision is a charitable organization dedicated to local awareness by serving people and families in crisis.

We help the underserved in need with humanitarian service projects, charitable giving, and by collaborating with other humanitarian organizations to help non-profits alike raise donations to support joint causes.

A Word for Our Founder

"It has meant so much to me being an advocate of building awareness in our community on the issues that are directly affecting myself, such a Prostate Cancer. Knowing really is half the battle. Indivisible Vision will continue to work to educate others through our community with outreach efforts and charitable associations." - Robert Miller Founder/CEO

The Indisiviable VisionTeam


Organization Members

Philip Hines
Tony Mandarino
William Andrews
Tony Morrison
Harold Miller
Carl Cooper
Bill Fox
William Gant
Clyde Marshall
Robert Miller
Doug Marshall
Woody Daniels
Rickey Riddick

Jino Geter

Our Goals

Indivisible Vision looks towards the future and works daily to build partnerships that will assist other organization to support and saves lives. We hope to impact the community in such a way that it breeds engagement and unity, while at the same creating opportunities for those in need to have and gain more.

The very principles that this organization stands on are meant for the uplifting of our community and God's people. Indivisible Vision will continue to positively affect the lives of our youth, homeless, underprivileged and underserved, and we will strive to promote integrity and compassion in all we do!

For more information on how you can partner with us or donate, contact us at info@indivisiblevision.org